The Forest Lane Approach To Partnership.

We embrace working with founder-led businesses, second and third generation family owners, and getting some dirt under our fingernails along the way. Our model is centered on leveraging what we have seen and learned from thousands of other lower middle market businesses we have evaluated to help you grow yours. From our experience, the right mix of capital and operational resources provides the greatest opportunity to build long-term equity value.

FLC's approach to investing provides advantages to business owners, management teams, and investors in ways that include: 

Committed capital in place that is sufficient to fund and close any transaction that fits within our investment criteria without the need to raise outside equity.

Patient capital with a long-term investment horizon and no fund life pressures allow us to make strategic decisions solely in the best interest of the company.

Ability to leverage operating partners and strategic investors and at each portfolio company investment based on domain expertise, interests, and skill sets.

Dedicated time commitment spent at each portfolio company while investing material personal capital and man-hours in every transaction to demonstrate “skin in the game.”

Our motto is work hard, repeat. The adage that hard work pays off resonates with our team, strategy, and investment philosophy. Consistency, perseverance, and earning the respect of management teams through our actions is how we differentiate ourselves.